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Dial The Action Up To 11!
Spice up your game with a mix of exciting and energized rules and feats! The contents of this book are a great way to add some anime-inspired energy to Pathfinder 2!


  • The Desperation System: When the chips are down and your back’s to the wall, call upon these amazing moves to turn the tide! Unleash powerful finishing moves and dramatic reversals of fortune!
  • 3 New Subsystems: These easy-to-use rules allow you to change up the feel of combat! Includes rules for going first when you kick the door down, having a kill-or-be-killed dying state, and rules for dynamic teamwork actions!
  • New Feats: 10+ class feats open to all classes, with brand-new keywords to really spice things up!
    • Berserk: Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! These actions are strong, but inflict an AC penalty.
    • Flash: Act before others can think! Flash actions occur at the start of the round, before the normal initiative order.
    • Sudden: Don’t blink, you might miss it. Sudden actions happen so fast they don’t trigger reactions.


  • 17 Pages (1 cover, 2 credit, 1 OGL, 13 content)
  • PDF Optimized
  • Full Color Art

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