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Cards of Power!

The Cartomancer is a brand-new class for Pathfinder Second Edition, a spellcaster dabbling in every magical tradition as they draw power from a card deck that is equal parts weapon and magical focus. Mystical gamblers and masters of chance, cartomancers use their cards as tools for weaving spells with decks that may focus on divination, illusion, and mental manipulation through occult magic, elements and flora and fauna with a primal deck, raw power of life and death with a divine deck, or the diverse and balanced options of an arcane deck, along with over 50 class feats from Combination Discard and Pass the Deal to Aces and Eights and Three Card Monte, plus a dozen more feats, traits, and backgrounds. You'll also find a complete system of Card Casting, with unique spells like arcane erosion, untouchable ward, gambler's guise, and bend nature for every card in a standard deck that you can heighten and empower by varying the number of cards you devote to their power from your mystic hand. You'll also get focus spells like cartomancy and dead man's hand and a bestiary with nearly a dozen specialized card constructs to unleash on your enemies. Grab this incredible 68-page Pathfinder 2E class expansion today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Congrats, Stack! That was a beast to develop with all the feats and card abilities, but I love what you wrote!

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Sounds absurdly fun -- don't suppose there's a chance we can get a FoundryVTT adaption by chance -- I am running all my games online a.t.m. and this would be a welcome addition!

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