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Command the Uncanny!

The powers of the multiverse do not exist for mortals alone, nor are all their secrets meant to be mastered by such finite creatures. Harnessing such forces can offer untold possibilities, although those who touch the alien never step away the same.

The Alienist's Handbook offers a variety of new options based around strange magic, cosmic horror, and keeping the forces of the abject at bay. Explore uncanny phenomena as a Fell Archaeologist Scholar or Interminate Arcanist.

Push your biology to untold capacities with the Fleshforger Blacksmith or the Brain Consumption feats. Manipulate the world with magic talents such as Blast Array or Power Parasitism or perhaps fight back the darkness with Repel the Unnatural or Psychic Vengeance. Discover new racial abilities for the Duergar, Gillmen, Kasatha, and Nagaji. Experiment with new Cord-Cutting weaponry or body-swapping incantations. For those brave or reckless enough to seek them, the secrets of The Alienist's Handbook offer untold possibilities.

For Pathfinder 1st edition and the Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might systems.

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