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One People. Many Divisions.
Once a single race, the Dath have been split into a collection of sub-races defined by the color of their skin and their awesome magical powers. With a (mostly) unified culture, the Dath are ready to be dropped into your next game! Enjoy this vibrant race, with powers as diverse as their hues!


  • Racial Traits For 6 Primary Colors: The main sub-races of the Dath, from the Olympian blues to the stoic yellows! Each has a unique power that makes them compelling to play both in and out of combat!
  • Racial Traits For 9 Hues: Even more sub-races birthed by the mixing of colors! Each blends the aesthetic of two primary colors to form a new sub-race!

-Page Count: 24 (19 content, 1 cover, 2 credit, 2 OGL)
-PDF Optimized Version: A high resolution (300 dpi) bookmarked PDF with beautiful art! This product includes a single-page and a spread version depending on how you want to read it!

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