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Originally Released April 1st

This handbook is the cat's meow!

Find all new options that help you or your fuzzy friends pounce, wiggle, and purr their way to victory! Harness the inheritor's blade Expawlibur or outfit your adventurers with comfortable boxes and all sorts of strains of recreational catnip! Charm and politely possess others as the form-cursed matagot wraith, weave purrfect melodies as a purrsician bard, or call upon your meowdolon to crush your enemies!

This handbook includes new archetypes, talents, feats, racial traits and character traits, equipment, magic items, drugs, and bestiary entries for every feline enthusiast or connoisseur.

The Catgirl Handbook is a Pathfinder 1st edition supplement for Ultimate Spheres of Power as well as materials from Spheres of Might, Champions of the Spheres, and other Drop Dead Studio products.

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