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New Themes— As Unexpected as They Are Familiar
This book explores a number of themes that, at face value, seem familiar to you due to their presence in popular media but within the context of their own story are rare.


  • Antiquated Noble: Born into a universe that has left you behind, you are a relic of a bygone age who has had to adapt to the current era. You are a master of tradition, ancient weapons like full plate and iron swords, and antiquated skills but you find surprising ways to adapt them to a world of spaceships and laser guns!
  • Battle School Student: You were raised in a brutal battle school to be a living weapon! Will you be more or just remain a weapon for your handlers to use?!
  • Child Prodigy: Born with incredible talent you suffer the fate of all child stars— what to do after the limelight has left you?
  • Destined: There is a prophecy about you which is both a blessing and a curse. Can you rise above the constraints it places upon you or will you crumble under the expectations of being "the chosen one"?
  • Doom Cursed: Death stalks you, constantly. With one foot in the grave and the Sword of Damoclies hanging over your head can you parlay your dark fate into a winning strategy?
  • Memory Steward: You are the latest in the line of an oral tradition and have a prodigious memory that allows you to remember just about everything. Locked within your mind are secrets no one else can be trusted with and you must grapple with the idea that lost knowledge might die with you.
  • Smuggler: Nothing is more dangerous than blockade running; the act of charging headfirst at an armed embargo with the express intent of breaking it. Smugglers are not simple thieves, rogues, or con men— they are daring pilots with a death wish that accept shady contracts for the ultimate payout— GLORY (and money).
  • Test Subject: You were experimented upon, likely against your will, and somehow managed to survive. Using the skills and talents you stole from them you need to build yourself a life and, just maybe, get some revenge.
  • Troubadour: Gone are the days when a bard could strum a chord and earn a coin. In the far future troubadours travel the stars plying their trade, DJing for galactic emperors, and spinning embellishing holo-yarns about the gallant battle of Dedrax IV to enthralled crowds on the data net.
  • Variant Themes: We've also included 6 variant themes. They include Field Researcher (Variant Scholar Theme), Neo-Aristocrat (Variant Antiquated Noble Theme), Private Eye (Variant Law Officer Theme), Renegade (Variant Outlaw Theme), Translator (Variant Xenoseeker Theme).

-11 Pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 8 content)
-PDF Optimized

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