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From great beast tamers, wild children, and those who mimic and channel the strength of the wilds, The Beast Tamer's Handbook is a massive collection of new archetypes, feats, talents, and class options focused on handing new tools to characters to interact with animals, tame them, and bolster them as companions.

Form a bond with a Dream Guide familiar, communing with them during your sleep, charm the animals as a Beast Piper bard, or channel your mystical ki as the reworked and revamped Beastsoul Monk for both chained and unchained monk. New class options, such as alchemists creating micromutagens, blacksmiths performing care and maintenance, investigators and slayers working in tandem with their companions to succeed and go beyond.

This handbook also includes a quality of life rework for the Beastmastery sphere, standardizing the scaling and effects, while also adding new talents for leading your companions by example, dynamic mounted combat, and obtaining improved animal companions and familiars. In addition, new talents stylized after animals, such as the tenacious serpent's coiling grapple, boar's charge, shark's blood frenzy, and weasel's athleticism allow your combat practitioners to maneuver, strangle, and charge across the battlefield with newfound versatility!

The Beast Tamer's Handbook is a Pathfinder 1st edition supplement and companion to Spheres Bestiary: Magical Beasts and Climactic Encounters using Ultimate Spheres of Power, as well as materials from Spheres of Might, Champions of the Spheres, and other Drop Dead Studio products.

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