Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-15: A Dirge for Sarkoris

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3-6.

The Pathfinder Society is looking to reinforce its bonds of friendship with the Farheaven Clan of Sarkoris. A group of Pathfinders visits with the leaders of the clan and learn that they can be of assistance by travelling to the now demon-infested city of Storasta, lost to the Sarkorians generations ago. There, the Pathfinders must reclaim the remains of several honored dead interred within the boundaries of the settlement, all while trying to avoid the attention of the fiendish forces that still dwell within the city.

Written by Kendra Leigh Speedling

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    Average product rating:

    3.60/5 (based on 7 ratings)

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    Needs a bit more polish

    If I could I'd mark this a 3.5 - it's right on the edge for me.

    I like the Farheaven clan and that part of the setting, and this does some neat things, but I feel it also misses a few steps.


    First... the secondary success condition is a single roll. By a single PC. At the very end of the scenario. No retries. It's far too easy for a bad roll to cost the party the secondary condition here. I feel like it should have been a bit more lenient, and it's disappointing to come into it having nailed everything leading up to it, all the bonuses... and then the die shows a 3. Kind of ended on a downer from that.

    Second, I feel like condition riders on attacks were excessive - the party was 5 level 5s, so in the middle of high tier. But in the second and third encounters basically everything required you to make a save if it hit you, which slows things down, leading into my third downside.

    The fights feel like they run a bit too long - mainly on account of it feeling like everything's a big pile of HP, combined with needing lots of saving throws. This one could be partly on the party, definitely a group with a cleric is going to have an easier time of it.

    I both liked and disliked the first encounter. The radius on the difficult terrain when the leshies died was far too big - we dropped one and basically now the whole area is difficult terrain for the rest of the fight. The explosions were interesting since it did friendly fire, but... also kind of big? I did like the main enemy having entangle and wall of thorns, and the GM played them smartly using the wall to cause problems for us (but entangle was pointless because of the mushrooms). If the other fights hadn't dragged I think I'd be less annoyed with the everything is difficult terrain.

    The mists sequence was very cool, and I love how it played into the following encounter with buffs and debuffs based on the result. The various skill challenges in the barrow were nice.

    The last boss gets points for having a non-AoO reaction, grabbing is a nice variation over straight damage.

    Overall I think it's a solid scenario, but there's room for improvement on some of the encounters, which generally felt like a slog.

    Great exploration and dungeon crawl


    I have played this at high tier and prepared to run it. Overall this is a great 3-6 adventure. We go back to see some old friends from first edition and go off for some old style pathfindering.

    It involves exploration, dungeon delving, recovering ancient artifacts and cleansing the forces of evil. There are a few opportunities for npc interactions but this is a strong dungeon crawl adventure. There are a mix of different combat encounters which were suitably challenging at high tier.

    My one slight disappointment is that you receive a reward at the end but it is not reflected on the chronicle. Obviously chronicle loot has often been criticised as being often irrelevant, it would have been nice to see some slightly early access to the item on the chronicle.


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    Envoy's Alliance

    I love these NPCs!

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    Cover and map list updated.

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    Dolok Darkfur!

    Awesome mix of challenges, and the dash of Sarkorian history included is interesting to me!

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