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The bells toll, the dead walk again, and heroes and villains take on the mantle of the grave! The Gravecaller's Handbook is a player-oriented supplement for Pathfinder 1e using Ultimate Spheres of Power, as well as materials from Spheres of Might, Champions of the Spheres, and other Drop Dead Studio products, bringing you a revitalized Death sphere, new feats, archetypes, items, and talents.

Harness the supernatural shadows with the Nocturnus, knit and sew together flesh into monstrosities as a Stitcher, materialize your emotions into a powerful phantom as a Sympath, or guide the lost to their afterlife as a Shepherd of the Lost. Take advantage of magical coffins and palanquins, raise and command the dead with new (dominion) talents, and harness their power with new necrosis feats.

The Gravecaller's Handbook is a Pathfinder 1e supplement and companion to Spheres Bestiary: Undead and the Immortal Forlorn.

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