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The old world has ended, and its ruins are filled with treasures for those brave enough to seek them.

Join the crew of the Merlin and seek your fortune in the depths of old-world delves. But beware; the skies are trecherous, and the best delvers know that even the most-prepared crews might find their day of reckoning on the surface, where wind, sand, and animals all conspire to end the lives of unlucky delvers.

Wreckage to Deliverance is a perfect introduction to the campaign world of Skybourne and the Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might systems, as well as other fun 3rd party materials for Pathfinder 1st edition, and introduction to any campaign that will see itself delving the ruins of the desert seeking for gold and glory.

For Pathfinder 1st edition and 1st level characters. Best if combined with the Skybourne Campaign Setting and the Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might systems.

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