Starfinder Pawns: The Devastation Ark Pawn Collection

Starfinder Pawns: The Devastation Ark Pawn Collection
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Key aliens and NPCs from The Devastation Ark Adventure Path come alive on your tabletop with The Devastation Ark Pawn Collection, featuring more than 100 creature pawns for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop science-fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn presents a beautiful full-color image of an alien, NPC, or starship from The Devastation Ark campaign, including ancient alien threats, enraged outsiders, and dozens of unique creatures.

The Devastation Ark Pawn Collection, together with the creatures and characters from the Starfinder Alien Archive Pawn Box and Starfinder Core Rulebook Pawn Collection, provides pawns for nearly every Devastation Ark encounter. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from the Starfinder Pawns Base Assortment, making the pawns easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With tons of distinct images, The Devastation Ark Pawn Collection brings to life enemies and allies from all three adventures of The Devastation Ark Adventure Path.

From enraged outsiders to ancient alien threats, find all of the enemies and allies of The Devastation Ark Adventure Path on these beautifully illustrated pawns! While creature pawns are broken out by base size, all starship pawns use medium bases, from the tininest fighter to the largest warship. Starfinder The Devastation Ark Pawn Collection includes:

Small Creatures

  1. Exsiccate (4)
  1. Izu
  1. Meteorite Drake

Medium Creatures

  1. Angel, Exodus
  2. Azata, Avigwyr
  3. Azlanti Secret Agent (3)
  4. Bryrvath (2)
  5. Capaq
  6. Daemon, Adikodaemon
  7. Genesis Wraith (2)
  8. Hardened Hologram (3)
  9. Holographic Caroler (4)
  10. Ispenzia 4:17
  1. Kami, Toshigami
  2. Kishalee Commander
  3. Kishalee Warden (4)
  4. Konsuvias
  5. Limina
  6. Loggerbot (3)
  7. Mahadatari
  8. Nifri Zamas Gidren Sye
  9. Nifri-2
  10. Nirin
  1. Nullsoul Host
  2. Prexian Mutantspawn (2)
  3. Quantum Clone
  4. Quantum Slime
  5. Sivv (4)
  6. Sivv Combat Drone (2)
  7. Sivv Warmaster (4)
  8. Spectra, Nacrea
  9. Tapestry Moth
  10. Vheiransch

Large Creatures

  1. Advanced Frujai Soldier (2)
  2. Animated Commander's Harness
  3. Aqlath (4)
  4. Armored Frujai
  5. Devil, Contractor (2)
  1. Dragonkin Security (4)
  2. Exhaust Ooze
  3. Extraction Room Robot
  4. Golem Nanotech
  5. Kalthlo
  1. Lathlath Calecor
  2. Sivv Keeper Drone
  3. Sivv Sage-Coffer (2)
  4. Troll, Void (4)
  5. Umbracygot


  1. Hoarboar (2)
  1. Indoctrinated Moon Giant (3)
  1. Jalkashti


  1. Multifold Industries Harvester
  2. New Horizon Borealis
  1. Sivv Defense Drone (2)
  2. Sivv Drone Destroyer
  1. Sivv Drone Interceptor (4)
  2. Skyward Glory
  3. Starbrand

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-303-4

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Are we this far behind on pawns due to COVID? All the years of buying goods from Paizo, never seen it released this far after the last book in the series. I just worry I’m going to get slammed with a huge bill and I can barely afford my subscriptions as it is. Thanks for any information. Stay safe and best of luck!

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