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Forge a God, Grow Your Faith.
To forge a god is a bold move. Artifex are religious adherents to extremely minor deities: often household gods, ancestral family deities, and occasionally long forgotten gods that are no longer worshiped. The "little gods" they follow are often only as strong as adventurers and if anyone else worships the same god it's probably a close family member. Artifex use ancient rites and divine law to enable their deity to climb the ladder of the pantheon until they are a major god in their own right commanding legions of followers. In short: artifex forge new gods.


  • Full Base Class: The full artifex base class for Pathfinder 1st Edition! It is a d8, medium BAB, divine class that has a personal deity that it grows and guides as its role in the pantheon becomes more concrete.
  • 6 New Patrons/Lesser Gods: Six new patrons or little gods that are perfect for your witch, warlock, artifex, or even cleric!

Page Count: 19 (1 cover, 2 credits, 1 OGL, 15 content)
PDF Optimized Version: A high resolution (300 dpi) bookmarked PDF with beautiful art! This product includes a single-page and a spread version depending on how you want to read it!

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