Starfinder Society Scenario #3-14: Fleeting Truth: Hollow Lies

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 9-12.

The hunt continues for a series of data fragments that contain one of the Starfinder Society’s greatest secrets! This time, the Society’s guiding intelligence, Guidance, sends a group of the Society’s most senior agents to the undead-occupied world of Eox to retrieve another fragment. Seeking permission to explore a monitored site on the world, the PCs must first assist Eox’s senior bone sages by completing an important mission: destroying a treacherous necrovite who has allied with the sinister Corpse Fleet.

Fleeting Truth is an ongoing series of adventures set in the Year of Exploration's Edge. These high-level adventures are intended to be milestone adventures for experienced characters, and will reveal important secrets relating to the Starfinder Society and the Pact Worlds. The adventures in the Fleeting Truth series can be played in any order.

Written by: Jessica Catalan

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Difficult but well designed scenario...


...with few "well this is a big thing you have to be aware of". Scenario is mostly difficult in the "good way" but there is one bit "if this condition is done" included.

Like for example, this scenario does have bit of the "Geezus Starfinder dcs are made for optimized operative" problem, but all skill checks needed to complete primary stuff are reasonable, it is only optional dcs that are around 30. HOWEVER... If nobody in party has mysticism(which is... Realistic in society, I had soldier/mystic, soldier, operative, mechanic and mechanic, so only one character had mysticism), the scenario becomes incredibly more difficult. Still possible in theory, but I could see players failing it. (its mostly because nature of final encounter. While players could without mysticism make the encounter easier as well, it would mean they were willing to experiment with something that gives them 12d12 damage since that is pretty much only way they would notice it without mysticism ;P) And if party doesn't have spellcaster, they have to take three negative levels(whether to same character or split around) off the gate to continue with scenario.

But yeah, scenario does great job with "lair of nefarious evil lich- I mean necrovite" feel, the scenarios start with being forced to do assassination black ops mission(note: I do actually as player dislike how lot of Starfinder scenarios have players do subterfuge or other shady non archaeologist stuff, but that isn't fault of this scenario and this scenario is at least good setup: To obtain extremely important intel, you have to kill one super evil jerk). Scenario also has excellent tasty foreshadowing for future scenarios(and hilarious way to gain infamy) :D

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I will be running this in a few days, and I have a question for GMs who have run it in the past. To avoid spoilers, I will just say it happens on p.9-10. The players can get a skill boost, but it doesn't say how much the bonus is.

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FlaskOfChuckles wrote:
I will be running this in a few days, and I have a question for GMs who have run it in the past. To avoid spoilers, I will just say it happens on p.9-10. The players can get a skill boost, but it doesn't say how much the bonus is.

If you have further questions, check out the GM Discussion thread, but to answer this question:

The bonus provided is under A6 on pg. 10. The paragraph starting with "If a creature places..."

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