Underworld Lairs (5E)

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Darkness, discovery, and death in the Underworld

An encampment of the drow defending an Underworld entrance.
A cathedral lit by the eerie green glow of thousands of candles.
A powerful lich inhabiting the corpse of a giant petrified worm.

Inside, you'll find these and more! More than a dozen standalone, single-map adventures for characters of levels 3 to 14 will challenge players with derro and darakhul encounters, fantastical locations like the Skullcap Forest and an outpost of the Ghoul Imperium, and powerful opposition like a clan of cave giants known as the Sunseeker tribe.

Use these as a stop along your campaign or in a single, standalone session. Whether a party of heroes or characters of flexible moral fiber, they will enjoy the struggle and triumph of these Underworld Lairs. That is, unless the cave dragon adds them to the foundation of his ziggurat of bones!

For the 5th Edition of the world's first roleplaying game.

ISBN: 978-1-936781-25-6

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