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Mythic Spheres of Power takes the Pathfinder mythic rules and adapts them for better use with the Spheres of Power magic system.

Within these pages, you'll find:

  • Mythic Traditions for expanding and explaining the source of your mythic power.
  • The Spheremaster Mythic Path for use with mythic spherecasters.
  • Mythic sphere talents.
  • Mythic class features.
  • Guidelines for mythic play and various alternate rules for making mythic play what you want it to be.
  • And much more!

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2.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Game Masters, Beware! Fun system for Players that is ripe for abuse!


I read the glowing reviews from Endzeitgeist and thought, wow, this will be a neat system for the players. Little did I know that the players would take literally every opportunity to abuse this system that they could. They will take abilities that chop up their action economy and have them acting through and literally on top of every other player’s turn in the game.

The system itself is quite creative. It uses a power points system that moves away from what smarky players like to call “Vancian Casting”. If you want to try a power points modular system, this is a good one to go with. The problem is that this system doesn’t take game balance, IE the literal math upon which the entire game is built, into consideration. It throws balance and game economy out the window.

My recommendation to GM/DMs is to only allow this if you trust your players 100%. It is too easy to abuse, and I’ve had to learn over the course of three campaigns spread through five years that Spheres of Power/Might players will do everything they can to destroy the game balance and make the entire game about them and their single PC.

As for design, I can only give this system FOUR stars, because it just takes everything that the game was built upon and ignores it. I deducted another star because when I backed this on Kickstarter, it was sold as the ULTIMATE SPHERES OF POWER.

Ultimate is an adjective meaning “being or happening at the end of a process; final.”

This book is anything but the final collection and honestly, I felt betrayed by the creators. They continued to release supplements during the kickstarter that were not included and then continued to release supplements after the Kickstarter was concluded. I wanted to purchase the system in its final form, not the PENULTIMATE version. Be upfront with your customers next time.

In summation, an interesting system. Horrible for game balance. Too easy to abuse by power gaming players. Deceptive marketing from the designers.

Recommended to avoid at all costs, unless you want your game destroyed. Only let your friends that you absolutely trust play with it. Otherwise, avoid it.

Edit: The Mythic version utilizes LEGENDARY abilities which make the game completely unbalanced. I didn't think there was a way to make Spheres of Power more unbalanced than it was, but the designers figured it out. Kudos to you. Avoid unless you're a masochist.

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Argh, why could this content not also be in the Ultimate Spheres of Power book? It is a PITA to look things up in two different formats...

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Thedmstrikes wrote:
Argh, why could this content not also be in the Ultimate Spheres of Power book? It is a PITA to look things up in two different formats...

That's exactly what I said. The "Ultimate" book is anything but. Last Ks I ever back from DDS.

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