Starfinder Adventure: Skitter Home

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GameMastery Module D0: Hollow's Last Hope (OGL)
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Even the most helpful six-armed heroes sometimes need a little rest and relaxation. But while on vacation to their homeworld, our veteran skittermanders come face-to-face with a threat far more dangerous than they could have expected. Once again, this fuzzy crew must save the day!

In these unique adventures, players can tackle two harrowing incidents in any order they wish, or they can play them separately as standalone sessions. In the first, they party at Reetamander, a festival celebrating a lunar eclipse on the skittermanders' homeworld, but are forced to confront a villain who attempts to sabotage the festivities. In the second, their underground hunting expedition turns into a rescue mission when stridermanders—massive, terrifying cousins of the skittermander species—wreak havoc in the caves.

In addition to these versatile adventures, this book includes four pregenerated characters that are ready to play, with full stat blocks and backstories. The inside covers include all of the maps needed for this adventure.

Skitter Home is a raucous affair written for the popular Starfinder Roleplaying Game. It's intended for four 4th-level skittermander characters who are looking for some fun before jumping into action like the helpful heroes that they are.

Written by: Jason Keeley

Skitter Home is sanctioned for use in Starfinder Society Organized Play. The rules for running this Adventure and Chronicle Sheet are available as a free download (2.2 MB PDF).

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Half Good, Half Okay



Skitter Home was Paizo's Free RPG Day release for Starfinder in 2020. It continues the adventures of the all-skittermander salvage team from Skitter Crash and Skitter Shot, with players running Level 4 pre-gens. The characters are as fun and lovable as ever, and I like that for this installment, their character sheets have little blurbs about their background and where they grew up. I've run Skitter Home twice now, once "just for fun" and once for a PBP Starfinder Society table. It's been an enjoyable experience each time, though I do note that the first of the two unlinked adventures is more original and interesting than the second. Nonetheless, for the price of $ 0, this 16-page, full-colour module is a pretty solid product.


Skitter Home packs two short adventures into its compact frame. Both adventures are set on the skittermander homeworld (colonised by the Veskarium as "Vesk-3"), and it's a nice touch to see Dakoyo, Gazigaz, Quonx, and Nako in their natural environment. The module adds a little to the setting lore, which is always appreciated.

The first adventure is "Festival of the Eclipse". As the name implies, it's set at a festival ("Reetamander") celebrating the celestial event when Vesk-3's two moons ("Big Mother" and "Firstborn") go into an eclipse known as the Great Birthing. The festival takes place in the city of Morandomandrana (I love skittermander nomenclature!) and features carnival games, food stalls, fireworks, etc. The PCs get a chance to play some games before the adventure proper begins, and these are a good chance for some fun role-playing (the GM can even invent their own!). The action starts when strings of lights start strangling people and suits of armor animate and go crazy! Although it sounds a bit silly (and is), there are lives at stake and the PCs need to work together quickly or they'll have casualties on their hands. The cause of the attacks are nanobots programmed to wreak havoc by a skittermander named Zerastorfen. Zerastorfen has a well-thought-out background and presents a compelling figure, as he's rebelled against the skittermander ethos of "helping" because no one helped his brother when he perished in a starship accident. Zerastorfen can be dealt with violently or nonviolently as suits the players. Essentially, the whole adventure is some games and three quick encounters, but it has a fun setting and memorable antagonist. I enjoyed running it.

The second adventure is "Hunters Hunted". Starting in the city of Ewagadravona, the skittermander crew and their patron, Nakonechkin, investigate after a group of tourists get lost in some nearby caves. This one very quickly becomes a very traditional dungeon crawl, with a trap, a couple of oozes, and a final battle against some stridermanders. It's fine, but not something any average GM couldn't put together on their own in an hour.

So all in all, I'd say one strong adventure and one mediocre one. But hey . . . free!

Any ETA on the sanctioning documents and Pregens?

Sovereign Court Organized Play Manager

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Tempest_Knight wrote:
Any ETA on the sanctioning documents and Pregens?

Huge apologies to everyone. I've tried all day to pull the sanctioning together, but ran into some roadblocks that I cannot clear. Mon morning I'll be working with the rest of the OP team to resolve the issues we will have them ready Mon/Tues barring any other unforeseen issues.

Games run this week count for getting the chronicle sheet. We've asked GMs to arrange a delivery method with each of their players (email/Discord/Dropbox/future event/mailing) and the OP team will support GMs in getting copies sent out.

As we are in the window where you need the physical book to run the adventure, the pregens should be supplied by the GM with the book. We will upload a pdf copy of the pregens when we put the pdf up on the site.

Again, my apologies! We will get these to you asap!

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The art in these are great. I love the skittermander with the eyepatch!

For anyone running this, like, now, and via VTT (so you can't just share your copy of the book). Here are the pregens: p=sharing

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A real link would have been nice.


Any luck with those chronicles? I've got players chomping at the bit to get them.

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It has been ominously quiet since Saturday

Liberty's Edge

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Typo, going through, and noticed that the orange anti-hero has a wrong primary stat, and is missing feats?, not that monster stats need to have feats. But it seemed an oversight.

Can't wait to run this - looks like a fun one!

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I hope this will have a boon on the chronicle sheet...

Once the chronicles are available, I'm also going to need to know what to do about characters that played this before GenCon, but played that character during GenCon and are now out of tier.

Is anyone else seeing this product listed as unavailable? If that is the case, when will it be made available to purchase?

Late August. Contractually, they need to wait until a month after free RPG day.


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Hello! Any updates on sanctioning and chronicles?

Can we play our skittermanders, not pregens? There is clarification for Skitter Crash by John Compton (that we can) g#8 but what about Skitter Home?

Scarab Sages

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It has been clarified by Alex here that you may play your own SFS skittermander, if they are the correct level.

Good to have some free skitterin' on home stuff out there for SF. ;)

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Is "coordinated strike" feat supposed to be "coordinated shot"?

I'm surprised nobody has posted about errata yet ^_^;

(also the player friendly download link for pregens doesn't still seem to be up?)

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