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Command a Storm of Flying Steel!
By mastering the use of dancing weapons bladestorms are able to fill the battlefield with a storm of flying steel. They coordinate a confusing choreography that is as much an art as it is a display of combat prowess! While they don't have the arcane talents of a traditional mage, their flying blades let them deal with threats at varying ranges and give them a dramatic approach to combat!


  • Full Base Class: The bladestorm base class for Pathfinder 1st Edition!
  • 3 Archetypes: Fill the air with flying fists as the Asuran Fury, dance through the battlefield with a single powerful weapon as the Dancing Kensai, or overwhelm the enemy with projectiles as the Telekinetic Hurler!
  • 10+ Techniques: Direct your flying blades to move and attack in exciting ways!
  • 25+ Dances: New ways to empower your flying blades and summon different weapons!

-Page Count: 21 (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL. 18 content)
PDF Optimized Version: A high resolution (300 dpi), internally hyperlinked, bookmarked, PDF, with beautiful art!
-Printer Friendly Version: No color, no images, and a lower resolution/file size to make printing easier.

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