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Prepare yourselves, heroes! This standalone compendium adds mythic support to the Spheres of Might system, and includes:

  • An expanded mythic tradition system with new qualities and boons, building off the original from Mythic Spheres of Power, that allows players and GMs to customize the attributes of each mythic hero to suit the story they want to tell
  • A new mythic path dedicated to practitioners, with many abilities compiled and updated for compatibility with combat talents
  • Mythic sphere talents and sphere masteries that offer new powers for the most capable heroes of the land
  • Mythic class abilities that can help characters master their non-talent abilities
  • Multiple new mythic feats
  • Advice and rule changes for running games with mythic practitioners
  • Take your heroes further than ever with Mythic Spheres of Might!

Note: This book includes a small amount of material from Mythic Spheres of Power (especially parts of the mythic tradition system and the rules recommendations), allowing it to function as an entirely independent product for games that aren't using mythic spherecasting.

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