Cantermage — New Base Class! (PFRPG) PDF

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Call in The Cavalry!
Mage cavalry has been a much sought-after cavalry on the battlefield for many years — mobile mages able to relocate to wherever they are needed to turn the tide of battle. The answer to this need is the cantermage — the horse-riding mage who specializes in combat magic. Secured atop their arcane mounts, they work their spells as they ride across the battlefield.


  • Full Base Class: The full cantermage base class for Pathfinder 1st Edition!
  • 5 Unique War Colleges: Magical cavalry institutions that each grant the cantermage entirely unique options that dramatically change its role and feel!
  • 14 Arcane Theses: Unique talent-like options for the cantermage!

-Page Count: 15 (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL. 12 content)
-PDF Optimized Version: A high resolution (300 dpi), internally hyperlinked, bookmarked, PDF, with beautiful art!
-Printer Friendly Version: No color, no images, and a lower resolution/file size to make printing easy.

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