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Treasures of the Spheres is a massive compendium of premade magic items, designed to work with games using Ultimate Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition).

In this book, you'll get over 100 pages filled with content like:

  • A Crafting Tradition system that adds benefits and penalties to items based on how they're made
  • Apparatuses that grant powerful ongoing bonuses for characters
  • A huge expansion of metamagic for Ultimate Spheres of Power
  • Numerous consumable items
  • Powerful implements ready to boost a caster's level in a sphere
  • Marvelous items with daily uses and a brand-new system for improving them over time so they can be given to players as early as the start of the game
  • Fabled items that demonstrate more and more power in the hands of the worthy
  • Rare artifacts known as talent crystals that can instantly teach magical or martial skills
  • Numerous new weapons, including guidelines on how to apply talent-like effects to them
  • An in-depth guide on the techniques and principles for distributing items in games
  • Random treasure tables separated by price
  • ...And more!

As the comprehensive expansion of magical items for Ultimate Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might, Treasures of the Spheres has material for countless character styles and every level of play. Whether you're looking for new ways to improve your character or want to surprise your players with fantastic new items, this incredible book has it all.

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