Seasons of the Runewild: Springtime Comes to Kidwelly (PF2E) PDF

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The seasons of the Runewild turn in a rhythm as familiar as a beating heart. Everywhere except in Kidwelly, where an ancient curse locks the halfling village in winter's grip long after the snow has melted elsewhere. In Kidwelly, spring doesn't arrive until the Monax—a mysterious creature with ties to the Fey Realm—emerges from its burrow and ushers in the change of seasons.

But this year the Monax does not emerge. The heroes must venture into the Monax's burrow to discover clues about the unscrupulous family that stole it, rescue the Monax and return it so that springtime can once again come to Kidwelly.

Springtime Comes to Kidwelly is an adventure for three to five 1st level characters. It is designed to be played over the course of a single session (3–4 hours of gameplay). The adventure takes place near an enchanted forest known as the Runewild and can serve as an introduction to the Runewild Campaign Setting. You can also drop the adventure into an existing campaign.

The Book Includes:

  • A complete adventure
  • Advice for scaling to higher levels
  • A random table for the curse of spring fever
  • Two new magic items: sleepy dust, and wizard's weed

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