Little Red's Guide to Lichdom (PFRPG + PF2E) PDF

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Eternal Evil

Liches are some of the most compelling foes in fiction. Their relative immortality, powerful spellcasting, phylacteries, and nasty disposition makes for some of the most iconic enemies you're likely to face. This book kicks them up a notch by giving you the inside scoop on how to get the most bang for your buck out of your favorite evil undead spellcasters.

Rules for both Pathfinder 1st Edition and 2nd Editions!


  • Alternate Phylacteries: You can get pretty creative with your lich's phylactery. We've got rules for stuff like: abstract concepts ("the era of an empire"), familiars, goals/oaths, gods holding onto your soul, people or places as phylacteries, REVERSE PHYLACTERIES, and even techno-magical ones!
  • Variant Lich Types: We've got rules to make your weirdest lich fever dreams come true! Includes are rules for: alchemical liches, bardic liches, divine liches, hive liches, lich-souls in intelligent items, crafting-based liches, martial liches (lots of those), psycho-liches (occult, emotion-based, liches), and revenge driven rogue-liches called "wayward souls"!
  • Game Mastery: We go into the origins of liches, how to become a lich, cover things you might not have considered (Just how well can an immortal plan? What kinds of skills do they develop? etc)


  • Page Count: 30 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 27 content)
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