Starfinder Pawns: Near Space Pawn Collection

Starfinder Pawns: Near Space Pawn Collection

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The characters and starships of Near Space and the Veskarium come alive on your tabletop with this collection of creature and starship pawns for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop science fantasy RPG! The Starfinder Near Space Pawn Collection presents beautiful full-color images of characters, alien creatures, and starships inspired by the Starfinder Near Space hardcover, perfect for representing your next character or deadly extraterrestrial foes! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each double-sided pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from the Starfinder Pawns Base Assortment, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. The Starfinder Near Space Pawn Collection is the best way to ensure you've got the perfect characters and starships to bring your Starfinder campaign to life!

ISBN: 978-1-64078-238-9

The creatures of Starfinder Near Space come to life on your tabletop! Each has its own abbreviation and identification number for easy sorting. The Starfinder Pawns: Near Space Collection includes:

Small (and Smaller) Creatures

  1. Dakoyo
  2. Gazigaz
  1. Kayoko
  2. Nako
  1. Quonx
  2. Skittermander Quartermaster
  1. Skittermaster Student
  2. Worlanisi (2)
  3. Yroroko

Medium Creatures

  1. Ahadigar "the Iron Chaplain"
  2. Alonya Sobok
  3. Blesnaya Sobok
  4. Brenneri Battle Leader (2)
  5. Cave Vesk (2)
  6. Chano Zoshanek
  7. Chargga Vis
  8. Copaxi (4)
  9. Damai Mediator (2)
  10. Damai Technomancer (2)
  11. Dantromal Kominar
  12. Dareo Viree
  13. Dr. Holton-8
  1. Embri Preceptor (3)
  2. Emkobazi
  3. Esketi
  4. Ghoran Prisoner (2)
  5. Giantblood Hobgoblin (2)
  6. Hobgoblin Mechanic (2)
  7. Honara Tren
  8. Ijtikri Commando (3)
  9. Ijtikri Mystic (3)
  10. Jakazi Two-Blades
  11. Jularaz the Frozen
  12. Junvio Manderra
  13. Kamilzanva
  1. Kavadroz
  2. Kesharkan
  3. Koben Adalandil
  4. Mirendian
  5. Most Serene Obanka
  6. Oromeras Kamazren
  7. Osharu Bureaucrat (2)
  8. Osharu Survivalist (2)
  9. Pahtra Assassin (3)
  10. Pahtra Hunter-Killer (3)
  11. Phentomite Bridger (2)
  12. Qhuomiz
  13. Radulvaza
  1. Rita Holdare
  2. Sarthis Wrathmaker
  3. Senara-46
  4. Teret Cahan
  5. Trevis Flawn
  6. Vesk Doshko Specialist (3)
  7. Vesk Renunciant (4)
  8. Vesk Sparrer (3)
  9. Vesk Stormrunner (4)
  10. Vindaskayo Swarmripper
  11. Willower Ghoran (3)
  12. Yragazaya Sorotos
  13. Zupiszha Loralu

Large Creatures

  1. Giant, Fire (2)


  1. BMC Predator (4)
  2. Conqueror of Worlds
  3. Merciless Blade
  1. Naginata-class Attack Vessel (4)
  2. Norikama Reliant (4)
  3. SC Farseer (4)
  1. SC Metropolis (3)
  2. SC Vaultship (4)
  3. Sledge-class Boarding Vessel (4)
  1. Sword-class Attack Vessel (4)
  2. Vindicas Enforcer (4)
  3. Vindicas Punisher (4)

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What I would not give for digital versions of these products with larger images. Sigh...


John Mangrum wrote:
What I would not give for digital versions of these products with larger images. Sigh...

Wish granted, apparently.

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"Jularaz the Frozen"

...Does anyone have his art up for somewhere? x'D I don't know if its good idea to buy this just to see what single npc looks like

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