Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-20: The Lost Legend

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6).

The Pathfinder Society begins a perilous trek through the swamps and jungles of the Mwangi Expanse, searching for the location where the founding members of their organization formed the Open Road Pact. The clues the Pathfinders must follow are centuries old, however, and their best lead is the final logs of an ancient Pathfinder whose true fate may be markedly different than the world has been led to believe.

Written by: Chris Sims

Scenario tags: Metaplot

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Average product rating:

3.90/5 (based on 8 ratings)

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Some specific scaling based on PC numbers in addition to CP which causes some wonkiness in scaling for certain groups.

Exploration descriptions are nice.

Combat encounters make good use of terrain and feel challenging without feeling unfun or punishing (Good use of multiple foes with thoughtful scaling)

Town makes a good transition from overland travel to final search. The time limited research works well and gives everybody a chance to help.

Map notes on the elevations for the final encounters is extremely helpful as well.

Running long, some early travel wonkiness and a weak conclusion drop this from a perfect 5 to 4 stars.


A linear, but fun, scenario with some interesting setups for the combat encounters.

Good scenario . . . but an overused set-up


The scenario has nice maps and challenging fights in which strategic use of the terrain makes a big difference. There is a sense and reason for what one encounters – things do tie together, though that connection may not always be obvious, which may be unsatisfying or disappointing.

I am a little bored of scenarios which expect Pathfinder agents to be neurotically obsessed with the history of the organization, or re-tracing the steps of Pathfinders gone-by. The organization feels stale in-game – instead of exploring strange new areas, they are obsessed with their own founder. And this really sucks for players new to society who haven't been following the soap opera lives of the thousand-and-one NPCs in nthe world, and who were simply looking for a good adventure game.

I am not saying that scenarios that look backwards or inwards are innately bad. But there are far too many of them in a season – in particular this season.

Good, not as good as Perennial Crown


I enjoyed this scenario a lot. Good combats, some pretty sweet background as well.

The only reason I didn't give it 5* is I don't think it was as impactful to the year 1 storyline as the other scenarios relating.

Massive Impact
1-16 & 1-17 - The perennial series
2-00 King in Thorns

Moderate impact
1-20 lost legend

Low impact
1-00 Origin of the Open Road
1-11 Flames of Rebellion

That drops it from 5* to 4*

An entertaining romp


I have now run and played this scenario. It is an entertaining romp through the countryside with a decent mix of skill, social and combat encounters in different environments.

There are a couple of issues. This has the potential to run long, especially if you allow the investigation portion to take up time after you have already run two separate events.

The scenario also shows signs of Paizo ignoring their own rules, a common element of PF1 scenarios. We have people trecking through bogs/marsh and hiking through hills but apparently able to do so at full movement speed whilet also conducting exploration activities which would normally slow them to half speed. All of this is rather handwaved by the scenario which just uses the base moveemnt speed. Given the travel is a key bit it would have been nicer if the scenario actually reflected those difficulties and then either adjusted the distance to keep within timescales or adjusted the likely timescale to account for the slowness.

The conbat encounters were fine. When I ran it my group handled the first pretty easily, they arent very threatning. The second encounter serves as a reminder for people to buy ranged weapons and the third was the cloest I have come to a TPK in 2E yet. A low tier group survived just as they got very lucky. +14 to hit against level 3's and 4's is pretty brutal, especially with a bunch of durable enemies on top.


The CP scaling had a low tier group of 6 facing the elite wight and 4 skeletal champions. The wight hits like a truck and the combintation of temp HP refreshing evey time he hit along with fast healing kept him in the fight right until the end. Skeletal champions are just annoyingly durable, even with the group learning about skeletons and picking up some bludgeoning weapons in town. Again, fast healing on top of that means they stay around for even longer.

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Announced for May! Product image and description are not final and may be subject to change.

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I'm a little sad this is a 3-6 and not a 5-8. I think a lot of my local players will need to skip this with their -2001s who have played all the other metaplot quests on them.

Maximal play would be 00-19, so 20 scenarios/3 = 6.6 levels worth. Not counting quests or Plaguestone. I think there's two 1-4s people would have had to assign to secondary characters (overleveld on main) if they played strictly in order and didn't try to pre-plan for no 3-6's before level 5. But that still drops you to 6 levels worth of xp, of level 7 at the time they reach this. (Not counting some of the start at level 2 play test PCs around here)

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Cover art updated!

Liberty's Edge

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THANK YOU!! Love the redesigned reporting sheet found in 1-20!!! Much appreciate the extra room to write down Org Play numbers!!!

Thank you!!!

I can't find it in downloads - JJSR

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber
Galbrith wrote:
I can't find it in downloads - JJSR

I think it releases tomorrow.

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This is the first time I've run into one of these PDFs where it doesn't bother including non-marked-up versions of the maps. Kinda ridiculous given that we're all having to run this stuff digitally. Hope this is an anomaly and doesn't become a regular thing.

Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer

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Reldan wrote:
This is the first time I've run into one of these PDFs where it doesn't bother including non-marked-up versions of the maps. Kinda ridiculous given that we're all having to run this stuff digitally. Hope this is an anomaly and doesn't become a regular thing.

We don't include unmarked versions of preprinted maps because they're a separate product available for sale on our site. The links where you can purchase them are included under the spoiler tag in the product information above.

are these 1e or 2e?

Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer

Grollub wrote:
are these 1e or 2e?

All Year of the Open Road scenarios (and all new scenarios in general since last August) are written using PF2 rules and designed for the PFS2 campaign.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I enjoyed playing this scenario.
I have a question about the boon, please, for Michael or others on the Organized Play staff:

In order for my character to use the limited-use "Waters of Warlock's Barrow" boon in a future scenario, do I need to slot it? Should it have a keyword, such as "General"?

Liberty's Edge

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Worst written scenario I've ever ran, I'll not run any more by this author. It's not that the story is bad, it's that the scenario is not laid out like most I've read. The skill check sections are written weird.

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