Starfinder Society Scenario #2-24: Cornered Rat

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A Starfinder Society Quest designed for levels 9-12 (subtiers 9-10 & 11-12).

Beginning to glean the full insidious scheme enacted by its current foe, the Starfinder Society mounts a full-scale offensive against a recently discovered outpost in the Diaspora asteroid belt. Sending a powerful fleet and scores of experienced agents, the Society strikes out to learn the truth of its year-long foe: the mysterious and charismatic ysoki known as Datch. Within the Diasporan facility, the secrets of Datch's dastardly plan are laid bare and its full threat to the Starfinder Society and Pact Worlds will be revealed!

Written by: Mikko Kallio

Scenario tags: Faction (Second Seekers [Luwazi Elsebo]), Starship

[Scenario Maps spoiler - click to reveal]

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Ummm...this looks AWESOME! But, there's no way any of my PCs will have a level 9 character before the special happens this summer. Is there any plan to have a higher level pre-gen for this scenario?

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