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Masters of the Arcane Arts!

Pathfinder Second Edition is here, bringing with it a wealth of amazing new character options, but there are so many new choices it can be hard to figure out which will work best for you. Second Class Guides from Legendary Games are here to help, with comprehensive advice and ratings for hundreds of class features, ancestries, backgrounds, magic items, equipment, and so much more, color coded and rated for their utility for a wide range of character builds, brought to you by some of the most experienced class designers in the business. Everyone's play style is different, so you may love some things our guide authors don't or hate things they like, but our mission is to help you wade through a ton of new rules and come out with a character that is exciting, effective, and flat-out fun to play! Grab this amazing 32-page guide to the wizard class today and Make Your Second Edition Game Legendary!

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I purchased this recently and wanted to express how much I liked it. If I were able to review it I would give it a 4.5 start rating. Second Class: Wizards is a professionally prepared optimization guide in the style of those written by Treeentmonk and others. The advise given is very well thought out and an assist to a player coming to grips with a PF2E wizard.

I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of play a wizard.

There are two other guides, one for alchemists and one for monks. I look forward to one on the cleric, my favorite PF2E class.

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