Sorcerer Bloodlines: Blood of Giants (PF2E) PDF

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Giants are powerful, frequently magical creatures; ubiquitous in myths and fairy tales. And It's not uncommon for them to mingle with humans and other races. It should be no surprise that their descendants can receive a portion of their power. This book contains bloodlines reflecting the various types of giants in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, allowing you to tailor your sorcerer to a variety of possible descents, from majestic cloud giants to savage trolls.

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Now available!

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Thanks, Katina!

Jon Brazer Enterprises

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Buy this 2e people. Owen published it. It is worth your time.

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Yay! Published by Owen, developed by yours truly, and written by Stack aka Andrew Stoeckle one of my favorite people to collaborate on 3pp projects with!


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Bought it on OBS, love every bit of it. I already have a few character concepts bouncing around in my head from it!

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