Starfarer's Codex: Godling Legacy Class (SFRPG) PDF

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Claim the Power of the Gods!
The power of the gods is beyond mortal comprehension. When some gods are elder beings that even other divinities call ancient, and some are elevated mortals, and even androids and machines can become gods, who can say that the dividing line between mortal and gods is clear and bright?

Within that gray zone exist the godlings—be they scions who walk their own path while harnessing a fraction of their divine parent's powers, mortals who have been exposed to relics from lost cultures millions of years old, or just drunkards who somehow came across a test for godhood in the stars and neither passed nor failed. They are not yet gods, but have set their first foot upon that path.

This product includes four godling subclasses—adept, clever, eldritch, and mighty. Whether they are drawing on powers from the void, mastering multiple schools of magic, tricking foes with immortal cunning, or shattering targets with the pure power of divinely-enhanced forms, each godling can call on a range of powers from elemental and alignment-themed divine gifts, to the power to fight starships one-on one.

Your Legend Begins Now!

Author: Joshua Hennington
Page Count: 20

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