Along the Twisting Way: The Faerie Ring Player's Guide (5E) PDF

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The secrets of Faerie have been laid bare in The Faerie Ring Campaign Guide. And now you can play as the fey with the Player's Guide!

The fey are wild and unpredictable, filled to bursting with magic and secrets. Bring your dark mysteries and odd whimsy to life, exploring the storied lands of The Faerie Ring. We've taken the twelve key servitor fey from the Campaign Guide and made them playable with character traits and tons of new subclasses, backgrounds, equipment, weapons, and feats—everything you need to roll up a fey character for your game.

And now you're one of us! Explore the darkness and worlds unknown as one of the fey. Toy with humanity or save its collective ass. Pull the strings in the Courts of Faerie and trade in secrets and memories. Or just explore the vast and wondrous unknown.

Come. There is much to be told:

  • Tips and character traits for playing each of the 12 fey (bitterclaws, black hats, darklings, far darrig, fir bolg, goodfellows, kitsune, matabiri, norn, putti, teras, and twilight children)
  • 74 subclasses and 23 backgrounds
  • And a ton of equipment, weapons & armor, feats, and more!

This book is all about the fey, adding new fey options to your 5th Edition game from some wonderful designers (Dan Dillon, Scott Gable, James J. Haeck, Chris Harris, Victoria Jaczko, Jeff Lee, Shawn Merwin, Carlos Ovalle, Kelly Pawlik, David N. Ross, Stephen Rowe, Christopher Sniezak, and more). This is a player's guide, giving you character options for building fun and memorable PCs (and NPCs).

Nail down the furniture, and hide the children... the fey are coming. Get Along the Twisting Way: The Faerie Ring Player's Guide (5E) today and discover your whimsy!

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