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The Show Must Go On!

Not all skills are created equal, and in the Pathfinder Second Edition roleplaying game, the Lore skill stands out among the rest as deserving a helping hand. In many ways, Lore is a fun way to add a little flair to your character, making them an expert in a very specific field of knowledge. However, because of the limited actions that Lore can be used for, and the very narrow fields of most lore skills, it's rare that training in Lore will prove as valuable as training in nearly any other skill. The Lore Mastery series focuses on small collections of Lore skills, all fitting a broader theme, and provides new uses and actions for those skills, allowing players who choose to invest in these specialized fields of study to get a lot more mileage from them.

This installment focuses on Lore skills that have to do with performances of all kinds, encompassing new uses for the Circus Lore, Fortune-Telling Lore, Games Lore, and Theater Lore skills. As anyone who's been on the other side of the curtain knows, show business is all about deception, and true masters of the performing arts can bring those same talents to bear in more dire circumstances as well. In this book you'll find:

  • The Accomplished Performer feat, which grants access to the special actions found in this book.
  • New uses for Circus Lore including Clown Make-Up, Breathe Fire, and Juggle.
  • New uses for Fortune-Telling Lore including Cold Read and Tell Fortune.
  • New uses for Games Lore including Find a Tell, Know the Odds, and Lose a Tell.
  • New uses for Theater Lore including Character Study and Practiced Performance.

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