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Birds of a Feather!

In the Pathfinder Second Edition roleplaying game, a character's ancestry matters more than ever before, and because ancestries allow characters to choose from a variety of options and abilities as they continue to increase in level, there are more opportunities for ancestries that represent more exotic and exciting creatures that have normally not been suitable for player characters.

This book presents an exciting new ancestry, allowing players to take on the role of harpies. A mix of human and bird, harpies vary widely from myth to myth, sometimes possessing a beautiful siren song, sometimes serving as executioners of the gods, and sometimes being pathological thieves. This book presents options for a variety of different interpretations of the harpy myth, allowing you to choose the kind of harpy you want to be. In this book, you'll find:

  • Background information on harpy characters, including an overview of their physical features, society, alignment and religion, and naming conventions.
  • Basic stats for harpy characters.
  • Five harpy heritages, including crow harpy, gull harpy, and parrot harpy.
  • Fifteen ancestry feats for harpy characters, including Filch, Read the Wind, and Siren Song!

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