Starfinder Society Scenario #2-21: Illegal Shipment

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-4 (subtiers 1-2 & 3-4).

As the Swarm invades the distant Suskillon system, a notorious collector of alien life captures several Swarm lifeforms with the intent of selling them to interested buyers. Bringing these creatures to Absalom Station as part of a clandestine trade, events go awry and the trader's preserved wildlife escape into the station. In order to prevent station-wide panic, the Starfinder Society sends its best agents to find out what happened, track down the escaped Swarm lifeforms, and stop a full-scale infestation at the heart of the Pact Worlds!

Written by: Joseph Blomquist

Scenario tags: Faction (Exo-Guardians), Faction (Wayfinders)

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Average product rating:

4.00/5 (based on 6 ratings)

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Strong serving of cool.


It's a very good mod; again and again we kept asking ourselves "Why were we chosen to do this'' and the mod gives you a wink and a nudge and lets you know that since you are a bunch of low level starfinders you are kind of expendable (as in red shirt). It makes for some fun RP as you try to track down and engage in a general bug hunt..
Excellent up until the finish; That's why 4 stars instead of 5.
I can't figure out how to do spoiler tags so stop reading now if you don't want a spoiler.
Spoiler =I would have liked to engage with the final boss monster instead of just having an in game mechanic smash the bug. Feels anti-climatic as you just use a vehicle to take out the bug and are left wondering why you just can't do it to all the bugs in the adventure.

Spoiler at the bottom: This season tends to suffer from the late phase marvel villian archtype. The main bad guy is set up so you can hate them but they are also kinda weak as a bad guy. More comical in the oil can harry way instead of terrifying and all powerful. Still its a good season overall.

Is this going to be a stand-up fight, sir, or another bug hunt?


As a creepy scenario, this one definitely has plenty of potential. A GM with strong environmental storytelling skills can really ratchet up the paranoia and fear of encountering something unpleasant in low-visibility conditions. Emphasize the ick factor of all the biological conversions happening as well.

In terms of overall design, there's a decent mix of combat, social encounters, technical challenges, and a dilemma for the PCs to choose between that might have impact on future events, for those who like meta-stories and repercussions.

One thing to note is that the combats in this one are a challenge, and may be overwhelming for a group of 1st level characters and / or novice players. Especially the final encounter; encourage your players to think tactically and make the best use of their skills. And as other reviewers have noted, there is not a 4-player adjustment on said encounter, meaning a smaller party could get demolished.

The first truly hard scenario of the campaign


This one was great. The Swarm is set up to be an iconic foe in this setting and yet we haven't glimpsed them at all outside of the adventure path yet and it's frankly just not the same to deal with The Swarm in the context of an AP that is all swarm all the time.

Here the swarm problems just sort of happen to us and we are forced to deal with them or else suffer the terrible consequences. The atmosphere is tight and a good GM can help keep things feeling hectic. This one stays good until the last fly gets swatted. Definitely recommend.

basically perfect


EASILY 5 stars.

I ran this online.

First off: I did not like the debriefing - that was way too long of a bit of a mess to read it all out. The warehouse is a bit cramped and I'm against using such a large map for one single creature. But!

This scenario is still amazing.

The premise is great and quickly sets the tone. The swarm is loose on Absalom Station! The society's reasons for not bringing in the Stewards is tentative at best, but it's quickly established just how serious (and dangerous) this mission. It does seem odd that a bunch of 1-4's are being asked to handle it, but eh. Low levels deserve a great scenario too!

The inclusion of a fight that the party can talk their way out of and even learn ahead of time through high rolls that it's a valid option is wonderful to see.

But the shining moment, the best part of the scenario that makes it earn its place in my favorites, are the "Setting the Scene" blurbs.

A lot of scenarios feel way too mechanical, just leading a group along through fights, being blasted at with Exposition, with a possible "ooo skill challenge!" forcefully wedged in. But this scenario tries to break out of it, and give GMs something more so that they are just not moving a party from point A to point B.

Those little Setting the Scene bits are a wonderful addition, providing GMs with a starting point to actually describe where the players are. To set up a scene, to play up an environment. You aren't just moving through different spots in Absalom station to perform your required 3 fights - you are IN a sleazy bar, you are IN Fogtown, you are IN a disgustingly moist proto-hive where the walls are throbbing with hunger. Although I will note: slapping such heavy concealment over everything is hilariously frustrating.

Infernal Gallery is another scenario like this where more effort is placed on giving GMs an opportunity and tools to present a memorable adventure.

Additionally, the variety of creatures (and opting for increasing creature count for high tier rather than coming up with multiple stat lines for everything) is refreshing. Yes, it can easily be a bit deadly. But the Swarm is a deadly threat! Are you going to hop up along the catwalks, only for the swarm to continue flying circles? And with the warehouse so dense, two combats being triggered for a memorable encounter involving multiple sides is a very likely possibility! Hunker down and defend yourself, or run over to help those that are stuck while you defend against swarm crawling over the walls and ceiling? I also love seeing the addition of little things to open more possibilities in combat: like having the option to manipulate the dense fog or send a robot on a trampling rampage.

This scenario does exactly what I want, and feel, all scenarios should do. Scenarios should provide a framework that facilities roleplay, prompts exploration, and offers engaging combat. This scenario executes all that perfectly.

A great scenario with poorly designed maps

This scenario was a lot of fun! The encounters (running high tier with 5 players 2 out of tier) were challenging and fun. Almost to lethal, but just right, I think.

This scenario really falls down in 2 places.
The first is the maps: the map designs used feel...wrong for the encounters that take place in them. Players gravitate to the larger final fight first, rather then the expected order laid out in the scenario.

The latter is the presentation of information. A question and answer section like the mission briefing for del thara and Toressa would be far more useful in allowing gms to respond to player inquiries.

All in all, worth playing but not a standout of the season like I'd hoped

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