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Beware the Evil Eye!

Curses! brings you a wealth of woe to unleash upon your Savage Worlds Adventure Edition campaign, allowing you to bring home the kind of supernatural suffering that will make your heroes weep and the mightiest pharaoh and the wickedest witch laugh with malevolence. This book includes tons of unique curses for treasures and mystical items, whether accidents of creation or built to entrap the unwary, like honeyed allure and unspeakable forbiddance. It also offers an abundance of cursed places, like the pool of thirst and puppetmaster's curse, that may turn friends to foes and bring doom to them all. You'll find cursed abilities, backgrounds, edges, and powers for heroes and villains alike, and over a dozen diabolical curses to afflict your heroes, from the bloodletting skinscription to kinslayer, deliquescent flesh, and cannibal compulsion! This terrific toolbox will terrify your players and bring a thrill as they risk the dooms of the ancients and a touch of true malevolence when they learn that victory can bring as much danger as defeat! Bring home the horror that only curses can deliver, grab this 20-page book today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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