Pathfinder Extinction Curse Pawn Collection

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Pathfinder Extinction Curse Pawn Collection

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Deadly foes and memorable monsters from the Extinction Curse Adventure Path are ready to captivate your players and menace your tabletop with the Extinction Curse Pawn Collection, featuring more than 100 creature pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn presents a beautiful full-color image of a monster or NPC from the Extinction Curse campaign, including subterranean horrors, dangerous dinosaurs, evil clowns, and even a few potential friends and allies. The Extinction Curse Pawn Collection, together with the creatures from the Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box, provides pawns for many Extinction Curse encounters. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from the Pathfinder Pawns Base Assortment, making the pawns easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. The Extinction Curse Pawn Collection brings to life the enemies and allies from all six adventures of the Extinction Curse Adventure Path!

ISBN 13: 978-1-64078-267-9

The enemies and allies of the Extinction Curse Adventure Path come to life on your tabletop! Each has its own abbreviation and identification number for easy sorting. The Extinction Curse Pawn Collection includes:

Small (and Smaller)

  1. Dinosaur, Velociraptor
  2. Elemental, Earth Mephit
  3. Elemental, Fire Mephit
  4. Elemental, Water Mephit
  1. Fidget
  2. Gahlepod (2)
  3. Gimmerling
  4. Ginjana Mindkeeper
  1. Juvenile Boar (2)
  2. Nemmia Bramblecloak
  3. Pin Tingwheely
  4. Redcap (2)
  1. Violet
  2. Will-o'-Wisp
  3. Zuipnyrn


  1. Abberton Ruffian (4)
  2. Adrivallo
  3. Aives the Smoke Dragon
  4. Arskuva the Gnasher
  5. Ashagith
  6. Balenni
  7. Brughadatch (2)
  8. Bugul Noz
  9. Cavnakash
  10. Celestial Menagerie Bruiser (2)
  11. Convergent Kendley Nathrael
  12. Convergent Soldier (2)
  13. Corrupted Priest (2)
  14. Corrupted Retainer (3)
  15. Daring Danika
  1. Darricus Stallit
  2. Delamar Gianvin
  3. Demon, Abrikandilu (2)
  4. Demon, Vermlek (2)
  5. Dyzallin Shraen
  6. Evora Yarket
  7. Gargoyle
  8. Jellico Bounce-Bounce
  9. Kalagash
  10. Kirosthrek
  11. Lakkai One-Fang
  12. Leandrus
  13. Ledorick Banyan
  14. Lyrt Cozurn
  15. Mazael
  1. Mechanical Carny
  2. Mistress Dusklight
  3. Pruana Two-Punch
  4. Qormintur
  5. Ruanna Nyamma
  6. Shrashek
  7. Skarja
  8. Slurk
  9. Stirvyn Banyan
  10. Tanessa Fleer
  11. Tashlock Banyan
  12. The Vanish Man
  13. Thessekka
  14. Ulthadar
  15. Urdefhan Dominator
  1. Urdefhan Hunter (2)
  2. Uzensshel
  3. Viktor Volkano
  4. Xulgath Bilebearer (3)
  5. Xulgath Bomber (4)
  6. Xulgath Gutrager
  7. Xulgath Hardscale (2)
  8. Xulgath Herd-Tender (4)
  9. Xulgath Roughrider (2)
  10. Xulgath Skulker
  11. Xulgath Stoneliege
  12. Xulgath Thoughtmaw (3)
  13. Xulgath Warrior (2)
  14. Zashathal Head-Taker


  1. Barking Stag
  2. Darklands Alchemical Golem (2)
  3. Death Drider (4)
  4. Dinosaur, Pinacosaurus (2)
  5. Dinosaur, War Sauropelta (3)
  1. Doblagub (2)
  2. Dyzallin's Golem
  3. Golem, Obsidian (2)
  4. Headless Xulgath
  5. Heavenly Host (2)
  1. Helg Eats-the-Eaters
  2. Hill Giant Clowns (2)
  3. Kharostan
  4. Pashfet
  5. Sarvel Ever-Hunger
  1. Vitalia
  2. Xilvirek (2)
  3. Xulgath Spinesnapper (2)
  4. Yaganty
  5. Zinogyvaz


  1. Aukashungi Swarm
  2. Aukashungi, Giant (2)
  3. Demon, Vavakia (4)
  1. Guardian of the Faithful
  2. Nefrethut
  1. Qurashith
  2. Saurian Warmonger (4)
  3. Saurian Worldwatcher (2)
  1. Starved Staff
  2. Viskithrel

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Good product but somewhat lacking.


Sadly there are just too many missing minis (from the adventure path) in this product to justify a higher review. It's great on the whole but even combined with the bestiary pawns there are a lot of missing bits.

Prepping for the session last night I was having to clutch at straws to find 'count as' pawns etc.

Paizo Employee Webstore Coordinator

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Announced for September! Product image and description are not final and may be subject to change.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Man, I really wish these came out a bit sooner.


I hate the 3-D preview art. I like a nice flat image to make for a desktop background. :(

Verdant Wheel

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I wanted this product, but in tokens for VTTs.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, tokens for vtt would be great!

Yep, my players will be super-stoked to finally see some actual xulgath artwork on the battlegrid as well as some key NPCs.

Pruana, Jellico, and the bile-bearers in particular.

Does this come with some sort of monster stat cards for easier reference?

Silver Crusade

Nope, just the pawns.

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