Future's Past: Tomorrow's End (5 of 5) SFRPG PDF

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You leave behind your friends to die.

You have before, and will again.

You tell yourself you must.

Central is here.

You have minutes to prepare, but seconds can be an eternity... when you have a time machine.

How many galaxies are you willing to sacrifice? And how do you live with yourself... if you win?

Tomorrow's Past is the conclusion to the five–part Future's Past series for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. It is meant to be played by 4-6 5th-level PCs who should be 6th-level or have doomed every possible future, by the adventure's conclusion.

Tomorrow's End also presents New Rules for Fleet Combat, allowing GMs to represent starship encounters on a massive scale!

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Oh hey all five parts are out :O Welp time to start slowly to buy all of these... I do have lot of backlog even with 1e aps so let's see how well I'll do

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