Syrinscape—Dead Suns #2: Temple of the Twelve SoundPack

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The "Temple of the Twelve" SoundPack gives you the complete audio solution when playing the second chapter of Starfinder's "Dead Suns". All the preparation is done for you and every sound you'll need is right at your fingertips.

Now members of the Starfinder Society and captains of their very own ship, the heroes head to the planet Castrovel, home of some of the best universities in the Pact Worlds, to research the clues they found on the mysterious asteroid.

On Castrovel, their findings point them toward an ancient elven temple-city called the Temple of the Twelve, lost deep in Castrovel's teeming jungles. But the heroes must contend with two other factions—the exiled Corpse Fleet of Eox and the Cult of the Devourer—who are also interested in the asteroid's secrets and have their own plans for the ancient alien superweapon, if they can find it first!

Is this Starfinder Adventure Path SoundPack useful when I'm not running a Starfinder Adventure? Yes!

The "Temple of the Twelve" SoundPack supports:

  • The exotic streets of Quabarat,
  • battles with dastardly smugglers,
  • the temple of the twelve lsot deep in the jungle,
  • stampeding Yaruks,
  • Kaukarikis,
  • Ksarik battle,
  • a Moldstorm,
  • Skyfishers,
  • obligatory cultists,
  • many rich music tracks,
  • and so much more.

Availablility: Your Syrinscape audio content will be delivered as a Voucher Code on your My Downloads page redeemable at, and will be downloadable within the Syrinscape Fantasy Player. Contact if you have any questions.

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