Pathfinder Adventure Card Society #6-3: Fortress of Ruin PDF

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The undead forces are not content to confine their attacks to small settlements with few defenders. They have turned their attention to fortress that guards a holy relic of the goddess Iomedae. Venture-Captain Evni Zongnoss performed a Harrowing to read into the fortunes of those who answer the call for help. The fortune telling cards speak of an ancient and malevolent force, dangerous secrets, sorrow, and loss. Just what lurks within this fortress's shadows?

This Pathfinder Adventure Card Society scenario bundle contains an adventure introduction, four scenarios, and proxy cards. These scenarios require the Core Set and the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path.

The scenarios included are:

  • An Inauspicious Evening
  • Fear and Flame
  • Out of the Fire, into the Ambush
  • Master of Risen Flesh

Mechanical Design by Keith Richmond. Story by Jennifer Povey.

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