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Whether you're a player preparing for a dungeon delve or a GM equipping the town guard, you need weapons and armor at the ready! The Pathfinder Weapons & Armor Deck contains cards for every 1st-level weapon, armor, and shield in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, as well as for alchemical bombs, complete with statistics and descriptions. The 110-card deck also includes the rules you need to deploy your armaments to full advantage. With the Weapons & Armor Deck, you'll always be prepared when combat breaks out!


Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Accessories.

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Preorder, expected approximately 25 Nov 2019

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Just announced! Product image and description are not final.

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Is it November yet? :-)

Dark Archive

I will probably skip these, no player i encountered liked to have more than half a dozen cards of mundane Equipment flying around and never bothered to use them more than one or two evenings.
These will probably be useful for beginners though and for remembering the damage reduction of heavier armors.
You probably need more than one of these to equip everybody.

I made some custom ones for myself for 1E. So I'm actually very excited for these.

I love props, but I know that's not for everyone.

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I’m glad to see they’re complete. My biggest issue with this kind of product is always that they rapidly go out of date. Fingers crossed they’re popular enough that follow up books get their own cards too.

Grand Lodge

Is this an indication the card line is expanding? Can we expect to see spell cards, treasure/magic item cards, etc. over time? I really don't see the need for a card set for mundane equipment unless there is some as yet unforeseen product that will make use of them, like a full-sized "slot" card or something for players to place their gear as it applies to their character or something. IMO, players already know what their gear, especially basic/mundane does and don't need cards to remind them.

However, I can see it being a big help to have spell cards that can be used to track daily castings or for GMs to use as ready reference instead of having to check the full books every time especially if they are traveling for conventions.

Same could be said for treasure/magic item cards. How often do you issue items not knowing exactly what they do or all the stat info? Then the player has to look it up, slowing down the game. Plus having the card on the table would remind players of an item they have, but is not part of their individual inventory.

Liberty's Edge

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I was a little annoyed that the CRB did not have art for most of the "made up" and racial weapons. I hope this solves the issue

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