Second Edition Spell Cards: Divine Basic (PF2E) PDF

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An Awesome Accessory for your Divine Spellcaster!

The Divine Basic set includes spell cards for all divine cantrips and 1st- and 2nd-level spells for Pathfinder Second Edition, from air bubble to water walk, with complete rules for every spell. Spells are placed one to a card, save a handful of highly complex spells spread over 2-3 cards. Print the cards you need and you're ready to go!

Second Edition Spell Cards bring you a killer collection of handy spell resources that makes life easy on you as the player. Just pull the cards you're preparing for that day and you're always ready for action! Check out the companion Basic sets for each spellcasting tradition, as well as the Master sets with all higher-level spells, plus additional sets for Domain Spells, Devotee Spells, and Class Focus spells! If you're playing Pathfinder Second Edition, this 67-card deck will definitely help Make Your Game Legendary!

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1.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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One to a page, seriously?!!


I really don't understand the point of spell cards that don't come in a 9-to-a-page, printable format. I'm not sure how anyone could use these, but the most obvious way that they would be used seems to have been completely missed by the designers. Waste of $5.

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Deal yourself in with an amazing new accessory for Pathfinder Second Edition spellcasters!

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