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Make Your Alchemists First Class!

Pathfinder Second Edition is here, bringing with it a wealth of amazing new character options, but there are so many new choices it can be hard to figure out which will work best for you. Second Class Guides from Legendary Games are here to help, with comprehensive advice and ratings for hundreds of class features, ancestries, backgrounds, magic items, equipment, and so much more, color coded and rated for their utility for a wide range of character builds, brought to you by some of the most experienced class designers in the business. Everyone's play style is different, so you may love some things our guide authors don't or hate things they like, but our mission is to help you wade through a ton of new rules and come out with a character that is exciting, effective, and flat-out fun to play! Grab this amazing 26-page guide to the alchemist class today and Make Your Second Edition Game Legendary!

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Make your next alchemist your BEST alchemist for Pathfinder Second Edition!

Silver Crusade

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Been a while since I've done one of these, but I should talk about how I went into the 2e guide. I'm sure some of you will say "But you haven't even played it yet N., how could you make a guide?" For those of you who think that, I'll have you know that I had the 2e files in advance for things like this. As for other fears, like that I won't be doing public guides and that all guides like this will be private, I have good news for you there as well.

While there will be these published guides, we will also be releasing the google doc guides just like always (publicly), although we're doing a patreon to help support production and upkeep of them. That means ideally we'll be supporting them as new content comes out and be able to be compensated for keeping up with newer content, as a lot of guide writers now are also doing other projects, and this allows us to stay afloat while keeping up with the content that we want to provide to you all.

As for the guide itself, there was a lot that changed about this class, and I found it interesting how 2e went with what's easily my favorite class. The change to purely non-magical was not what I was expecting, but at the end, I wasn't expecting them to update extracts. In their place, the new alchemist focuses on either healing, bombing, or mutagens; and each has enough options to give reason to pick any of these. Me personally, I'd say I'm a big fan of bombing, but that's just me.

The guide itself is set up just like all my others, covering the basics with the same tongue in cheek humor that you all hopefully enjoy (well I enjoy it, and that's what matters to me), as well as commentary on options and ideas to help out with new ideas and concepts. Remember, guides like mine are intended to help people make their ideal characters, not simply 'break the game' as it were.

There are options for race, feats, backgrounds, and everything else needed to build a character the way you want it made. And of course, when the public guides go live, I'll be updating them with new content as it comes out. The initial guides like these are planned to be for core rulebook builds, as plenty of GMs will only allow you limited resources, and I'd rather these guides be as viable as possible for everyone.

Thanks a lot, and look forward to my next few guides!

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

The sequel is here! Check out Second Class Guides: Wizards!

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Second Class Guide: Wizard doesn’t seem to be on Paizo. Just an oversight?

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