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Singer to the Stars

Sing the words of Creation that set the planets spinning, play the music of the Spheres as heard by your ancestors and echoing to your own ear this morning, and dance to the sublime rhythm of Fate itself! Unlock the power of the cosmic chorale with the cantor, a weaver of magic and the mystical arts in tune with the immanent and supernal music of creation that suffuses the universe. This new 20-level base class offers exciting new spellcasting options for any Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, expanding the definition of mysticism with over two dozen new feats and magical hymns, plus over 60 spells and four fantastic new archetypes like the divine dancer and song seeker! Plus, the cantor is fantastic addition to campaigns set in the exciting Aethera Campaign Setting! Reach out into a vast new world of song, silence, and spirit with this 44-page Starfinder accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!

If you're looking for more Starfinder class expansions for existing classes, check out the spectacular Star Classes: Envoys and Star Classes: Solarians too, as well as upcoming products in this series!

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Bring a whole new kind of magic to your explorations of the infinite beyond!

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Is there any plans to create an NPC graft for this class?

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