Weekly Wonders - A Conjurer's Guide to Divs PDF

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Summon the Servants of Ahriman!

One of the joys of playing a summoner—a character of any class who relies heavily on spells such as summon monster to conjure allies and minions to fight on their behalf—is the fact that it lets you play with some of the fun and exciting monsters from the various Pathfinder Bestiaries that are normally reserved only for GMs. Unfortunately, since spells like summon monster were written with only the first of those books in mind, it's often frustratingly difficult to gain access to the exciting monsters found in later supplements.

Weekly Wonders: A Conjurer’s Guide to Divs focuses on providing players of various classes with options for summoning and working with outsiders of the div subtype. Included are:

  • A simple and straightforward feat allowing a spellcaster of any class to easily summon a wide variety of divs using existing spells like summon monster.
  • The scourge of civilization, a druid archetype that draws on the power of divs to destroy the creations of society.
  • The scion of Ahriman, a psychic discipline that can summon divs, specializes in destroying genies, and has many of the blessings of the divs.
  • The hateful one, a witch archetype whose endless spite and petty hatred is empowered by Ahriman, granting numerous unique ways to corrupt and bespoil the creations of others.
  • Two new types of div, suitable both for summoning and as foes: the CR 6 kunda, a div whose weakness compels it to obey any creature that can climb on its back, and the CR 1 pinih, a Tiny div who is compelled to steal and hoard valuables, but takes no joy from his ill-gotten gains.

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