Starfinder Pawns: Alien Archive 3 Pawn Box

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Preorder expected February 2020

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The galactic threats of Starfinder Alien Archive 3 come alive on your tabletop with this box-busting collection of more than 300 creature pawns for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop science fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of an alien from the Starfinder RPG's third collection of interplanetary threats and unique player character races. Each cardboard pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base, making it easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With multiple pawns for commonly encountered creatures and a handful of new foes to fight in starship combat, the Starfinder Alien Archive 3 Pawn Box is the best way to ensure you've got the perfect characters to bring your Starfinder campaign to life!

ISBN: 978-1-64078-204-4

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Accessories Subscription.

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Preorder, expected approximately 10 Feb 2020

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Dark Archive

Why is it that the Box art differs from the Alien Archive 3 book?

I will probably not buy this box, as Alien Archive 3 will be my last "Bestiary" book for SF and much prefer miniatures, which will be produced for Starfinder by Wizkids at last in 2020!

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