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By Alexander Augunas and George “Loki” Williams

Breath a little extra life into your Starfinder campaign with Everybody Games's Pop Culture Catalog series! This high-flavor series specializes in providing both players and GMs with everything they need to feel like they’re playing in a living, breathing world by providing setting-neutral popular culture grounded in Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting that anyone can reference! Each installment of the Pop Culture Catalog tackles a new and exciting topic!

This installment of the Pop Culture Catalog includes: restaurants! Ranging from fast food to fine dining, this installment of the Pop Culture Catalog includes over a dozen restaurants run by denizens of Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space campaign setting and beyond. Also included are four food-adjacent services, cooking traditions for over 20 races, cooking gear for that special chef in your life, and loads more! Also included are the fan-favorite fandom perks system, which allows consumers to gain special abilities for supporting their favorite franchises.

The Pop Culture Catalog—Pop Culture in your Pocket!

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Thanks, Katina!

Are your Starfinder characters tired of eating the same old meals from your starship's broken-down culinary synthesizer? Why not take a night out on the town with Everybody Games's newest installment in our fan-favorite Pop Culture Catalog line, Pop Culture Catalog: Restaurants!

Esteemed author George "Loki" Williams makes his Everybody Gaming debut in this fantastic tome, which offers 19 restaurants found throughout Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space campaign setting and beyond, as well as four food-adjacent services, culinary traditions from over 20 races, new chef's gear, and plenty of fandom perks should your character decide to openly support one of these fantastic businesses. Why get cooking when you can get everyone gaming with Everybody Games?!

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