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Legendary Alchemists is the latest volume in our series of class-focused player supplements, this time focusing on the most versatile and unique class in the game; the experimental alchemists! This base class, introduced in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player’s Guide, was a class designed to focus on explosives, self-experimentation, and a new and unique form of spellcasting through extracts. Legendary Alchemists expands even further on those concepts with a full redesign of amazing and unique customizations to allow players to fully explore their preferred area of super science. In addition, over 80 new discoveries spread across 3 unique alchemical disciplines allow characters incredible variety to create their perfect mad scientist. With over a dozen new archetypes including the martially inclined combat scientist to the bestial beastborn shifter, along with the endlessly inventive technical chymist, the psychically imbued esoterist, and the necromantic master reanimator, there’s no shortage of ways to build this impossibly versatile class! Grab this 64-page class supplement by N. Jolly and his team today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Oooo, been waiting for an alchemist product from Legendary Games.

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

We are delighted to provide one, and we are doubly delighted to double down on alchemical awesomeness with Legendary Alchemists Expanded!!!

Together, they provide over 120 pages of alchemical expansion, from a 20-level class redesign to around 20 new archetypes, well over 100 discoveries, alchemy organizations, alchemical events, feats, magic items, and so much more!

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