Starfinder Society Scenario #2-02: Waking the Past

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3–6.

Summoned to investigate a new, exciting find near a frontier AbadarCorp colony, a group of Starfinder Society agents finds themselves exploring deep below the surface to inspect a recently uncovered set of ruins. However, they're not alone. The PCs soon discover not only that something is waking up, but also that there are some secrets best left undisturbed.

Written by Tom Philips

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Average product rating:

2.30/5 (based on 13 ratings)

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Videogame tropes that don't work in tabletop RPGs...


Spoiler-tagged just in case.


Hopeless boss fights only work in video games because you have the option of loading a save and trying again until you figure out the 'run' button is the only option.

Worse, the scenario adds a deadly trap for running in the wrong direction, when you have no clear indicator of the 'correct' way to flee the hopeless boss.

I'd give it zero stars if I could. Not enjoyable at all.

Worst scenario ever


Where should i start, the gameplay mechanics are way to bad some enemies that deal auto damage, doors not in the map, waiting for 3 seconds to open a door. What is 3 seconds in starfinder a move, standard action no clear way to rule it out, the Boss that can really kill characters in low tier, or the ending which has no impact in the future storyline. The only advice i can give is to never run this scenario ever, this is by far the worst experience i have ever encountered in (PFS/SFS)

Worst Organized play adventure ever


After the forum ate my long review here is the short version:

This scenario is the worst scenario I have ever played in organized play (281 sessions PFS and 56 sessions SFS)

The encounter mechanics are needlessly punishing (AOE autodamage with autostagger), the setup for the "run away encoutner" is so bad that the players have no idea that they are expected to run away until it is too late and the one choice that seems relevant does not even have a reporting condition.

I can only HIGHLY advice to never run this for newer players or in lowtier (where a crit can likely permanently kill a PC because of massive damage)

First time this has happened to us


I think what made this scenario not so painful for our group was that the GM made it clear that the monster was out of our league during the first encounter, demonstrated by our complete failure to be able to damage it. We are a regular gaming group and we have never really come across this in the past -- so the guidance was invaluable or we would have had a TPK as we vainly attempted to find a way to overcome it.

"What rhymes with 'fun' and 'gun'?" was absolutely the best advice we could have received.

GMs intending to run this should consider letting their players in on this non-standard tactic or you are going to have a bunch of frustrated and unhappy players crumpling up character sheets.

As it is, it was not so fun for us...but we were scared, as promised by the GM. There were a lot of Scooby Do moments running from said monster...which would have been funnier if our PCs had not all been terrified of getting shredded.

So, not a bad just needs a sort of disclaimer that it's okay to deviate from the usual tactics into unknown territory for some players/characters PRIOR to the TPK: Run away.

Tedious and Uninteresting


When I read the blurb I was genuinely interested. When I met the workers for the first time, I got excited for an interesting premise to the adventure.

When I spent 80% of the adventure bored because the entire thing had literally no player agency and the little plot that was mentioned is hidden behind a wall of run for your life from a monster that can full round attack kill you without risking missing save for a natural 1, whose mechanics aren't explained, I questioned whether there was any play testing at all. The adventure was an unfair slugfest, and extremely unsuited for convention play, where a significant number of players are using pregens. There was no warning.

And I think some of that rant could have been forgiven, if it weren't for the slogfest that is a bunch of 3-4s trying to get through DR/5 on every single enemy

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Any info on the maps yet?

Paizo Employee Organized Play Lead Developer

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Maps in #2-02:

This adventure uses only a full-page custom map.

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Thanks John!

Dark Archive

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Hmm, was curious about the low reviews and I have a question

about the one thing both of them complain:
Isn't it GM's job to make it clear when a monster is too powerful for the group? Like either just stating it directly or otherwise describing to them they realize its too strong for them in character? Unless creature looks really harmless I guess. Though I agree that it'd probably be better if scenario itself made it obvious how deadly the creature is, I think too many GMs in general have mentality of "If text doesn't say this aloud then PCs can't be allowed figure it out"

Corvus, I like the fact that it didn't pander to the lowest common denominator, and it let the GM be the GM and unwrap this like the true gift it is.

Shadow Lodge

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I had fun. Some nice lines that came up in game.

If you've read the reviews, not really spoilers:

(On finding some other bad guys)
Player: "Maybe the security bot will show up and... murder them all."
GM: "Oh... he did already."

Name for monster based on memory: Nanite Goldfish


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When reporting this scenario it shows as repeatable. Is this accurate? It is not tagged as repeatable.

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Arvin says, that he served in his "first few years in society" on Alazdra last mission.

Alazdra says that it was 30 years ago.

Lashunta mature at 20 years.

So, considering joining Society at 20 years and "first few years" be at leas 2 years - Arvin was at least 22 during Alazdra last mission and now Arvin is no less than 52 years (look at his picture)! Is that so - or there is some mistake?

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