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Skills- They Are More Important Than You Think!
Jump into Alt. Path: Skills and you’ll get dozens of ways to take advantage of skills in your game not to mention skill-focused classes, feats, and equipment! Each section could be its own book but we’ve combined them and interlaced them to make one super book of skills!

Alternate Rules for Expanded Skill Uses! Including “niches”, variable ability scores, new skills (Pilot, Self Discipline, and Travel), new uses for existing skills (Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, Handel Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Perform, Ride Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival, and Swim!)
Extreme Skill Uses: With a DC of 40+ you can do godly things like craft weapons and armor out of THEORETICAL MATERIALS like hope or the color purple and steal the pants off a person wearing them without them knowing! Yes- we’ve got rules for that!
Executioner (Base Class): What? Why is an executioner class in a SKILL book?! Turns out there was a lot more to the life of an executioner than cutting off heads! They lead unique and colorful lives filled with intrigue, isolation, and duplicity!
Professor (Base Class): The undisputed GODS of skills and skill use! Versatile to the point of absurdity they let you thrive in skill situations even in combat!
Puppeteer (Base Class): Ever wanted to kill someone with a blender puppet? Us too, so we wrote the “puppeteer” base class that allows you to command a powerful punishing puppet that can be customized just the way you want it!
Ritualist (Base Class): Steeped in the lore of ancient, secretive orders, these martial characters take ritualistic actions to give themselves quasi-supernatural abilities. If you didn’t know how impactful Action Economy was before reading this class- you will by the time you’re done with it!
Grandmaster (Prestige Class): Every just want to be godly with a single skill? This short prestige lets you do absurd things with your absurdly high skill bonus in a given skill.
Class Options: We’ve got skill focused options for wizards, cavaliers, paladins, and... barbarians?!?!
Equipment: Can’t capture that je ne sais quoi? Solve it with lightning in a bottle! Orc cut off your arm? Replace it with a grappling hook! Want to make manacles made of bone or gold? We’ve got you covered. +4 lute more your speed? We can hook you up. Party members trying to loot-steal? Try some Graverobber’s Gloves to get a leg up on them.
Living Items (Race): Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to play as a living mandolin that can play itself or a rope-man that can use itself to climb.
Skill Synergy: Every wonder why skill 1 + skill 2 didn’t give you some kind of bonus? Now, with this optional rule, it does!
Feats: You want feats?! We got feats! We’ve got feats that let you make use of readied actions better, yell at commoners better, use Perform for something other than just being a bard, eat dirt, and even give yourself crippling negative conditions (gotta be smart to use that one!).
Spell Hybrid Feats: Wanna combine schools of magic with skills?! We’ve got stuff like Necrobotany (undead + plants!), Omnimancy (subtle, regional, political influence), Mechanimancy (mechanical summons!), Arkhomancy (use divination to know about history!), and more!

All this and so much more is in this 80 page wonder of a book! But we’re not scrubs; every option in this book has rules for balanced use and guidelines for implementation in your game!

Page Count: 81 (1 cover, 1 credit, 1.5 OGL, 77.5 of content)
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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well I've been waiting for some commentary about this one.

Anyone feel up to giving a little review?

I have to say I'm particularly intrigued by the spell hybrid feats and the ritualist and professor classes.

We'd be happy to offer any insights we have if you had questions on anything.

Okay, thank you.

The Executioner kills people (among other things, obviously), the Puppeteer sics puppets on people, so their description says exactly what they do.

But take the description of the Ritualist for example, they perform rituals to give themselves pseudo-supernatural abilities. Don't get me wrong, nothing about that doesn't sound awesome.

I'm just left wondering what the ritual abilities do. This being a skill book, I would assume that they are either require skill rolls to work, or work to enhance skills, or both I suppose.

Are they front line fighters who avoid attacks with rituals of acrobatically dodging attacks like it's a gun fu movie and attack with rituals of sleight of hand to have invisible attacks one cannot dodge?

Are they skill monkeys with rituals of hypnotic voice for diplomacy or rituals to enhance stealth by fading into the background like you're invisible?

Are they control types with rituals of using crafts to MacGyver traps and rituals to use sleight of hand to steal large objects?

So really I just want a short short summary of what they do. Ritualists perform rituals to do what? Professors master skills to do what exactly?

As for spell hybrid feats, I'll just settle for necrobotany. I assume it allows one to make undead out of vegetation. Does it work with Create Undead and Create Greater Undead or just Animate Dead?

Ritualists are an interesting class and typically take the role of a front line fighter but have some unique skill options. They are probably in the same zip code as rangers in that they are martial characters who have skill monkey potential (they are 6 + Int, full BAB). Ritualists are more focused on duplicity and keeping the secrets of an order than nature or survival though (a lot of bluff and sense motive stuff). They are kind of the enforcers of secret orders (think like fictional representations of the Knights Templar, Illuminati, Masons, etc) and can, as you suggested, use hypnosis and mind wipes on people. Their main mechanic revolves around expending action types doing ritualistic things (anointing their weapon, speaking an ancient poem, prostrating themselves, etc) for powerful short term benefits (gaining 1/4th your level to damage, bypassing DR, etc).

Spell hybrid feats are a series of feats that require someone to have some level of specialization with a specific school (a wizard with that school as their specialized school, Spell Focus in that school, an archetype that specializes in it, etc) and a bunch of ranks in a specific skill. They modify spells of that school in a specific way. For example, Necrobotany causes undead you create to be immune to a lot of the things undead are normally immune to by taking a "plant form", basically having them become pseudo plant-type creatures. It works with ALL undead you create via a necromancy spell.

Necrobotany fuses necromancy and Knowledge (nature).
Omnimancy fuses Enchantment and Knowledge (local).
Mechanimancy fuses Conjuration and Knowledge (engineering).
Arkhomancy fuses Divination and Knowledge (history).
Theatrimancy fuses Illusion and Perform.
Dreamcrafter fuses Transmutation and Craft.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Huh, so Necrobotany does the exact opposite of what I thought it would do, good to know.

I do love the concept though, I remembering really loving the stone zombies from the Scarred Lands I think, where the necromancers figured out how to combine animate dead with flesh to stone to make construct zombies.

Oh and by the by I love the crafting items out of normally intangible things, while I'm gushing. Just wish there was a way for equipment summoner types to get in on the fun.

And Ritualists are Men in Black types, that has all sort of fun ways to integrate them into a campaign. For example, a campaign with some Mythos touches to it, making Ritualists guardians of secrets that Player Character Races weren't meant to know.

Thanks for the info, I look forward to the day I've got some cash. :)

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