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Heroes of Legend Arise!

The Mythic Character Codex brings you an incredible array of expansions for the mythic rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! You'll find exciting and innovative ideas for existing rules alongside a wealth of all-new material from the authors that know mythic like nobody else. You'll find options galore to suit any character build, with nearly 2,000 new rules elements from feats and spells to character options and class features, plus entire new systems to expand the impact of mythic beings in the world far beyond your character and their adventures!

These rules elements can be incorporated into a traditional Pathfinder campaign as well as one using the full mythic rules! While this book is an encyclopedic expansion to the mythic rules and an ideal companion to the Mythic Hero's Handbook and Mythic Spell Compendium, many elements are easily slipped into a standard campaign in the form of lost lore, secret mysteries, and the training techniques of revered and ancient masters. The lost relics of an ancient civilization or the peculiar traditions of distant empires can all be modeled with the mythic rules. Even better, since the mythic rules function like a template overlaid upon a standard character, mythic power can easily be given through divine blessing, mysterious ritual, or the hand of destiny, and then withdrawn after the climactic crisis has passed.

The massive 380-page Mythic Character Codex includes:

  • Three brand-new mythic paths - the bound, mystic, and reluctant hero - with nearly 200 path abilities exclusively for them!
  • Mythic class features for nearly 30 character classes and archetypes, including hybrid classes like the arcanist, investigator, and swashbuckler, base classes like the vigilante, kineticist, and unchained barbarian, prestige classes like the shadowdancer and fey-bound knight, and archetypes like the archaeologist and living monolith!
  • Nearly 700 mythic feats, including mythic versions of every feat from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide, Ultimate Intrigue, Ultimate Wilderness, Horror Adventures, Occult Adventures, Pirate Campaign Compendium, Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, and more!
  • Nearly 700 mythic spells from the same volumes, plus brand-new spells with both mythic and non-mythic versions!
  • An entire chapter devoted to mythic kingdom-building by the team at Rogue Genius Games, including mythic settlement qualities, legendary buildings and enchanted structures, mythic disadvantages like erratic time and restless dead, and sample mythic cities!
  • A comprehensive system of mythic marvels to really unleash the effects of mythic and legendary events and characters on your campaign world, including the impact of artifacts and curses, blighting and blessing of the land, integrating mythic trials and tiers and new mythic path abilities!
  • Extensive hyperlinked referencing for ease of reference in the PDF version.
  • and much Much MUCH MORE!
  • The Mythic Character Codex is an ideal companion volume to the Mythic Monster Manual 2, Mythic Hero's Handbook, Mythic Spell Compendium, and the original Mythic Monster Manual, as well as awesome expansions like Path of Dragons and Path of Villains to make your ultimate enemies shine the brighter and bring down the wrath like thunder! Add any of these expansions to your Pathfinder campaign and Make Your Game Legendary!

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    It's a Merry Mythic Monday to all, as the latest incredible addition to our mythic lineup is now available right here! Check out the Mythic Character Codex and Mythic Monster Manual 2 and make your Pathfinder campaign truly LEGENDARY!

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    Hey there Jason!

    Now that this is actually available in the Paizo store, any word on when the extra copies I ordered as part of the Kickstarter will be on their way?

    I figure now that PaizoCon is over you can catch a breather and let me know what's up ... I haven't heard a peep from anyone over at Legendary Games even though the Kickstarter reported several weeks ago that all copies have been shipped.


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