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Draw Your Energy Sword and Get Ready!
Mystic space knights are the stoic guardians of peace throughout the universe; with guidance, blazing energy weapons, wise words, and, if need be, with the strength of their arms. They can tap into the collective subconsciousness of all sentient life in the universe, known as The Will of the Cosmos, and, through that connection, they can accomplish superhuman feats. Mystic space knights belong to “battle-orders”; part military base, part monastic temple, and part charity organization that train and employ mystic space knights in peacekeeping efforts.

The iconic weapon of a mystic space knight is a weapon made of pure energy that they forge themselves, though the exact nature of this weapons varies from order to order and mystic space knight to mystic space knight.

Full Base Class For Starfinder!
Armed to the Teeth: Make use of both your iconic energy weapon and supernatural powers!
8 Battle-Orders!
Full Color Art!

Page Count: 20 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1.5 OGL, 16.5 content)
PDF Optimized
Print Friendly Version Included (Please note that it preserves page counts for cross referencing)

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