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Full Casters Need Love Too!
Alt. Path Magical Characters 2 focuses on providing and exciting options for 9 level spellcasters! We’ve got new classes, archetypes, feats, spells (58 new spells!!!), alternate rules and class options galore and they are all dedicated towards full casters!

-4 New Base Classes! Kai, Channeler, Maven, and Runesmith.
-58 New Spells! Including 25+ “Reactionary” spells that only take an immediate action to cast
-7 New Alternate Rules. Including rune smithing, how to replicate spells with skills, and an exploration of our “cosmic” power source!
-4 New Archetypes! Elder (witch), Grey Wizard (wizard), Holistic Sorcerer (sorcerer), and Wild Mage (sorcerer)
-3 New Wizard Schools
-4 New Arcane Discoveries
-6 New Witch Hexes
-20 New Feats! 5 class support feats, 13 general feats, 2 new “casting styles” (6 total feats)
-14 New Magic Items! Including the iconic “wizard’s hat”, the infamous never ending bucket, and the sultry oil of love.
-Gorgeous artwork!

-Page Count: 91 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 88 content)
-PDF Optimized
-Print Friendly Version Included (Please note that it -preserves page counts for cross referencing)

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It seems to me that a bit more detail on the classes might be helpful to anyone on the fence.

So four new classes.

The Channeler kind of reminds me of the dragonslayers of Fairy Tail.

They get spells, elemental blasts, elemental resistance and later immunity, and eat attacks of their element to heal themselves.

They have the four basic elements- earth, air, fire, water, and then, if my counting is right, 27 advanced elements.

At 19th level they can have a character master up to 10 of them.

At twentieth level the channeler can have two elements active at a time, so elemental blasts of fiery darkness or frozen love is a go.

The Kai is a spellcaster who casts cosmic magic through poses and specializes in casting spells as free actions, so it makes me think "tai chi magic."

The Maven is a master of a handful of spells, up to 6, that they can augment in all sorts of ways. A fireball could be cast as ice, force, acid, lightning, or heal people, or ignore anti-magic fields, etc, as an example.

And last but certainly not least is the Runesmith, a cleric like divine caster of middling attack bonus who can only cast their non-rune of symbol spells as runes or into spell completion items.

Runesmithing, available to non runecarvers with a feat, are kind of like an item creation feat, allowing one to make a rune on an object to hold a spell until triggered.

So the Runecarver is kind of like a runic cleric Batman, the runes they prepared being what's in their utility belt.

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